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Magnolia IBC supports the company in outlining a strategic development plan through business and market analysis, providing management with the right tools to support business idea generation and prioritisation.


Magnolia IBC collaborates with the company on the project outline by supporting due diligence and formulating an operational plan. During this phase, resources and stakeholders are identified and KPIs are identified, setting up the monitoring structure and process.


Magnolia IBC supports the execution phase by coordinating the activities of internal and external stakeholders and regularly updating and monitoring KPIs. During execution, the outputs of the first two phases can be optimised through an iterative process.


Working at Magnolia IBC means becoming part of a multidisciplinary team of excellent professionals. At Magnolia IBC you will take responsibility for your human and professional growth into your own hands, while being supported by an open working environment that works in unison for the development of the project and of each person involved, in the belief that everyone is a resource.

Magnolia IBC's intervention gave a decisive boost to our company's business development in the Middle East.

James Hancock - Managing Director

In Magnolia IBC ho trovato un importante supporto nell'analizzare tematiche aziendali in ciascuna divisione, secondo un approccio orizzontale  ad ampio raggio, valorizzato da una forte propensione a passare rapidamente dal piano strategico a quello operativo.

Fabio Terzaghi - CEO

Magnolia IBC hat uns in der Anfangsphase unserer Unternehmensentwicklung Schritt für Schritt begleitet und wichtige strategische Entscheidungen mit dem Management geteilt.

Tobias Schmidt - Geschäftsführer



Strategy & Advisory

Magnolia IBC supports the company in identifying opportunities for strategic development in international markets, in terms of exports, branch openings, joint ventures and M&A transactions.

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets service provides a channel to access the venture and debt capital markets. Magnolia IBC supports the company in finding financial resources and evaluating ways to support development projects.

Trade & Expansion

Magnolia IBC supports companies in their commercial and production growth process in international markets. The service is aimed at companies aiming for foreign growth without the creation of permanent relocation structures.

Global Affairs

The Global Affairs service is aimed at companies that need international representation in an institutional context. Magnolia IBC assists in the planning and organisation of meetings, roadshows and international missions.

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