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Strategy & Advisory

Magnolia IBC supports the company in identifying opportunities for strategic development in international markets, in terms of exports, branch openings, joint ventures and M&A transactions. The Strategy and Advisory service provides the company with a global strategic vision and the best tools to aid management decision-making. The process involves accompaniment at all stages, from the identification of opportunities, to the drafting of a strategic business plan and the operational implementation of the defined strategy. Areas covered include company and target market analysis, legal and tax advice, and the structuring of operational macro-processes, among others.

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets service provides a channel to access the venture and debt capital markets. Magnolia IBC supports the company in order to best assess its financial needs and financing methods to support foreign development projects. The process involves the study of financing hypotheses, the optimisation of the documentation necessary to support investor due diligence, as well as the identification of target investors and the management of relations with them, up to the signing of the financial transaction. Magnolia IBC leverages an established network of credit institutions, private equity and venture capital funds, family offices and business angels.   

Trade & Expansion

Magnolia IBC supports companies in their commercial and production growth process in international markets. The service is aimed at companies aiming for foreign growth without the creation of permanent delocalised structures. The process involves the study of market and supply, the identification of opportunities, the development of new physical or virtual business channels, and the search for foreign suppliers and customers. Magnolia IBC also supports the management in order to optimise the company structure and processes and select the necessary tools to effectively manage new business flows.

Global Affairs

The Global Affairs service is aimed at companies that need international representation in an institutional context. Magnolia IBC assists company management in planning and organising meetings, roadshows and international missions in order to promote networking with key interlocutors. The service involves representing the company at the most appropriate institutional venues and in contexts such as trade fairs, conferences and events, in order to promote and support the company's interests globally. Magnolia IBC leverages an established network of governmental, diplomatic, association and corporate relationships spanning more than 50 countries.

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